ISO376 : Standard reference transfer transducer Standards ISO 376 ISO 7500 EN 12390 ASTM E 74

ISO 376 calibration standard covers the calibration of standard force measurement instruments used for the static verification of uniaxial testing machines, such as tension/compression testing machines, and describes classifying procedures for the instruments.

This standard, also available under the European denomination EN ISO 376, replaces previous standard EN 10002-3 of 1994.

ISO 376 is generally applied to force measurement instruments where force is determined by measuring the elastic strain of a loaded element or by measuring a quantity proportional to it.

This standard provides a classification of the dynamometer according to precision criteria. The results of the calibration of a standard reference force transducer lead to the determination of a mathematical polynomial of 2nd or 3rd degree, which allows calculating the value of the force applied to the dynamometer based on the indication provided by the electronic equipment. The formula allowing calculating the level of uncertainty of this value is also part of the calibration.

In the US, a similar standard was issued under reference ASTM E74.

Except for some tests that constitute an exception, previous national standards such as:

All been have replaced by unified EN ISO 376 Standard. Learn more about ISO 376 Standard : ISO 376 Calibration Standard